Ironwork © Martin Paling 2012

Ironwork © Martin Paling 2012

I’ve never been a huge fan of cross-prossesing, but I do like what happens when you mix cross-process and snow. I bought this “Boots” brand slide film in winter 2010-2011 when the UK had weeks of snow but never had the chance to use it.

The light leak was accidental after the film snapped… I had a quick peek to see what was going on before rescuing it in a changing back!

Camera: Canon FTB
Lens: 28mm FD

Film: Boots Silde 200iso (Most probably Fuji)

Developed in Tetenal c41 at box dilutions and times

© Martin Paling 2012


3 responses to “Ironwork

  1. oh I really like your photos! particularly this one, sometimes a bit of light leaking in is a beautiful imperfection and addition to a photo, which is why I love film. I don’t find perfection a particularly fufilling thing to strive for.

    • Thankyou!

      Film is wonderful, what I think is most amazing is that it degrades so beautifully. On the one hand it does have the ability to offer higher definition and dynamic range than digital, but on the other when it is flawed or damaged or imperfect it is gracefully flawed. Instead of odd pixels or burnouts you see graceful and gradual distortions and imperfections!

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