Holiday Camera Bag

One of the great things about any holiday (vacation) for me is that I have to be selective about what films, cameras and lenses I take. I’m leaving on a mini-adventure to Spain soon and although I’m travelling by train and have more baggage allowance I still need to be selective.

So what’s in?

Well my Rolleicord has a golden ticket. If I could only keep one of my cameras the Rolleicord would be it. It doesn’t have the fastest lens (although that is somewhat compensated for by the fact you can easily shoot handheld at slow shutter speeds with a TLR) But it’s ease of use, great lens and discretion makes it my “go to” camera these days.

My favourite 35mm SLR is the  Canon FTb. It seems most Canon shooters go for the A1 or F1 but for me the FTb simplicity makes it a winner… there is much less than can go wrong with and best of all you can pick them up for a good price. I picked mine up for £22. Lately on ebay people seem to be asking around £50+ for them however having watched a lot of these listing more often than not the get re-listed with a much more reasonable price. For the last year or so I’ve been predicting that this camera will increase in price as more people realise just how reliable it is compare to some of it’s more complicated and battery reliant siblings are.

Now that all said my FTb has developed a problem with with it’s winder… so I’ll be taking the even more bare bones (and rarer) Canon TLb.


I know what I won’t be taking and that is my 300mm! But what about my 135mm portrait lens… a fantastic bit of glass that cost me £14!! Can I really justify taking it? It’s hard to call given that most of my time will be spent in the Spanish Mountains and medieval villages with tight narrow streets. One entire lens dedicated to portrait shots seems a bit decadent. It seems more sensible to take Canon’s 50mm (f1.4) prime and the 28mm wide angle.

But do I also take my 70-210mm to cover portraits and the need to get close to stuff?


B&W: In medium format i’m addicted to Fuji Neopan Acros 100iso and  Rollei Retro 400iso they seem to suit both my shooting and developing tastes. In 35mm I’m less sure of myself currently I’ve been using the Rollei too but for cost I sometimes switch to the less forging Kentmere… given that i’ll be in a country that doesn’t lack light and sun I wonder if I can manage with Kentmere’s lack of latitude? Ilford of course would be a safe shot but I like developing in Rodinal which doesn’t suit Ilford film (in my opinion)

Colour: It has to be Porta for medium format i’m in love with the new Portra and don’t see that changing anytime soon! For 35mm well maybe i’m a cheapskate or perhaps I just don’t value 35mm but I struggle to buy Portra 35mm. Maybe my eyes are just too accustomed to seeing Kodak Gold 35mm images?

Whatever I do I need to choose and order soon. If you have any suggestions please do let me know below!


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