Auto Focus is for Wimps!

And for people like me who can’t quickly focus on demand it seems! Although to be fair this image of a Porsche at the 2012 Rally Classics 60th Rally Costa Brava was shot with a Twin Lens Reflex and they are not really the choice of camera for sports photography… or for that matter anything that moves faster than a glacier.

Blue Porsche, Rally Costa Brava 2012 © Martin Paling 2012

Blue Porsche, Rally Costa Brava 2012 © Martin Paling 2012

Though I do quite like the result… had it not been a cornflower blue car I wonder if I would have felt the same… I’m not sure why I think the colour makes it work.

  • Film: Portra 160
  • Camera: Rolleicord IV
Golden Porsche © Martin Paling 2012

Golden Porsche © Martin Paling 2012

I thought I’d also upload this image of a Golden Porsche, but only because Mogwai wrote a hauntingly great piece of music with the same name.

  • Film: Kodak Gold 200
  • Camera: Canon TLb
  • Lens: 75mm-210

3 responses to “Auto Focus is for Wimps!

  1. Spiritcruise57

    Hi Martin,

    I was just checking the CCCUK web site for any recent comments and didn’t notice anything additional. But when I checked the “Recent Comments”, you had posted something. It was a fortunate mistake that I clicked on your avatar photo instead of the subject line. I did not realize you were into photography and had created a site dedicated to it. The first photograph is very special, if not a bit cheeky, lol. I also like the motorcycle video with accompanying music. The colour editing provides a good effect as well. All in all I thought the photos were beautifully done, very nice work.

    Sue and I hope that everything is going smoothly during your move. We wish you and Liz kind regards. I’m looking forward to the March 22nd anniversary cruise coming up. I look forward to seeing you then, cheers.

    Alan & Sue

  2. Spiritcruise57

    Hi Martin,

    I’m very sorry for a slip of the keyboard on the previous post. It should be Angela, not Liz.

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